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Thread: PAYE for employers

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    PAYE for employers

    SARS has a nice summary of the changes to tax payable by employers on behalf of their employees. You can find it here.

    The 2009 tax season website is also up, with all the info about what needs to be done this year.
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    Thanks Duncan.

    There are a few things that caught my eye.
    One was the mention of an intended social security tax. I wonder when that one is coming?
    Another is the expressed interest in more regular reconciliations to be introduced at some point in the future.
    Then there is the idea of adding a reconciliation test for UIF and SDL.
    Finally, it's pretty clear that SARS intends to be more "invasive" in terms of personal information.

    I reckon the most logical step is for SARS to develop their desktop eFiling application into a full blown payroll management system that just pumps all the relevant info back to SARS - including calculation of monthly returns, info for the IRP5 and IRP3a and the various reconciliations.

    Another observation: I've just done the update and they still haven't developed a data table that captures all the individuals' data and prepopulates the IRP5/3a form each year

    It would make it so much easier if we captured the employee's details once, and then when it came to generating an IRP5 you could select the employee from a drop-down list. And way less chance of having silly typo mistakes.

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