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    For about a year now I have been watching grain prices, both spot and futures rather closely; so I have long been aware that the USA subsidises its grain farmers so heavily that 3rd world (and us) grain farmers are simply unable to compete with the USA on world markets.

    This morning I watched a televised program of G Bush addressing the convocation of Singapore University and stating, as bold as brass, that the USA supported the aims of the WTO! I couldn't believe what I was watching and hearing!

    I could only conclude that the reason the students did not rise up challenge this immediately was because Singapore is a very disciplined place and the students could perhaps have lost their places at the University.

    I now begin to understand why so many people in the USA are so antagonistic to Bush.

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    You do know that George Bush is a politician. Were his lips moving?

    "Supporting" can mean so many things, and versions can vary from cheering on the sidelines to actively trying to move the ball!!

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