Hiya All!

We are looking complexes/boomed/estates that want to try the 911 system FREE! Its all part of a new marketing strategy that we are running to see how well this is going to take with complexes as the initial response seems pretty good.

(If not familiar with Home 911 it is a cell phone based panic system that can have 10 family members and 10 alert recipients at a normal rate of R75 p/m. The major benefit is that when one of the kids, wife etc presses the panic, 10 people are alerted that they require assistance in 30 seconds which are normally the neighbor, friends and maybe security)

Basically the offer is:
Everyone gets to use the system in complex for free for a month to determine it's use and whether suitable
If a complex is interested, then the system is implemented and if a large well established setup that has a PC at the gate, then the they can get the software free as well (If they not, they just need a cheap permanent cell that they can set up)
Security companies can be set up with the software as well for free (provided they agree etc)

The reason for choosing this route is that the system can be offered at a highly reduced cost to the body corp/home owners than individuals.

This is going to be available for the next month (the free for a month to test) so if you are in a complex/boomed etc that could do with improved security, then please PM me and we will have a chat!