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Thread: Do you jive when the band is playing a waltz?

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    Do you jive when the band is playing a waltz?

    From our November 2006 newsletter.

    Imagine for a moment a ballroom. And the band is playing a waltz. All couples on the dance floor are swaying and interacting to the rhythm of the room.

    And suddenly one person on the dance floor breaks into a jive!

    read the full article by Dave Alcock here.

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    Listen before you talk.
    Now that's the bit I struggle with. Sometimes I'm so excited to say my piece, I just can't wait for whoever's speaking to finish. The trouble is if I do wait, sometimes I forget what I was going to say.

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    You are far from alone. I'm definitely guilty of this myself and probably on a fairly regular basis. I'm just not quite as bad as I used to be (I hope!)

    One thing that really helped me was taking notes. If someone is saying something that triggers a thought, I write down a keyword or two so that it jogs my memory when I get my turn. This also helps organise my response.

    And sometimes I just have to bite my tongue until it bleeds - if I can remember to. But there is little doubt that waiting for the right time to speak makes a huge difference in results.
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    Dancing the night away

    One of the reasons I decided to move out and stay out of the corporate world, is that I seemed to be attending too many ballroom dances where groups of invited guests would bring their own band, hijack the organisers orchestra by playing loud music, invite their own guests and make up the dances as they went along.

    I controlled these dance competitions through copious and made up and then published musical scores which at the end of the day always seemed to be the notes that were remembered the most. The people with alternative dance styles were usually ignored at the end of the day.

    So the lesson here is not in the way you dance - but its in the music that you remember when you go home and then play for the guests next time you see them.

    I also wrote this thinking that, as I have two left feet and one vocal cord, it probably appears that I am never in tune and dancing differently to everyone else anyway. This could explain why I am always swimming against the tide - but thats another metaphor to discuss at a later date.

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