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    Worth listening to

    I occasionally download podcasts to listen to while I solder prototypes - at least then I can get some info in while doing a task that requires concentration, but not too much brain power.

    I recently listened to a Duct Tape Marketing interview with Seth Godin which is mostly about small businesses. If you are interested in surviving through the current global recession I recommend that you take some time out to listen to it.

    Here is the direct link for the MP3 download.

    Anyone listen to podcasts? Which ones have really stood out for you?
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    I subscribe to Seth's blog.

    I really get the sense that Seth is a GOOD guy.

    He supports the ideals of small business owners and entrepreneurs as he is one himself.

    I love it when he pokes fun at the botched attempts by big brands and big business to penetrate social media with their ancient "interrupt and repeat" mentalities that they have enforced upon us for so long.

    He illustrates nicely how credibility, reputation and good honest sincerity is the only way to attract interest in what is in a very real sense an online Community.

    I'm downloading this interview now, thanks Duncan.

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