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Thread: Science and Technology on South African National Space Agency Bill

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    Science and Technology on South African National Space Agency Bill

    South Africa to establish space agency late 2009

    15 January 2009

    President Kgalema Motlanthe has signed the South African National Space Agency Bill into law, which could see South Africa setting up its own space agency later this year to pull together all space related activities in the country under one banner.

    The enactment of the law is seen as a step in the right direction given the country's rich heritage of involvement in modern astronomy, which dates back to 1685, when the first temporary observatory was established in Cape. Published in the Government Gazette on 15 December 2008, the National Space Agency Act provides for the establishment of a national space agency to implement a space programme for South Africa.

    The agency will promote the peaceful use of outer space; foster research in astronomy, earth observation, communications, navigation and space physics; foster international co-operation in space related activities and advance scientific, engineering and technological competencies through human capital development and outreach programmes.

    The agency must facilitate the development of space missions, develop technology platforms and acquire, assimilate and disseminate space satellite data for any organ of state. It will also implement the National Space Strategy which was approved by Cabinet in December 2008, to stimulate the capability to place South Africa among the leading nations in the innovative utilisation of space science and technology.

    The strategy is derived from the Department of Science and Technology's 10 year innovation plan, which includes space science and technology as one of the five grand challenges. The agency is also expected to bring together the work of several institutions and harness their capacities to leverage billions of rands to boost the economy and create more jobs. Some of the projects it will coordinate include the square kilometre array bid, the Southern African large telescope, and the launch of South Africa's second indigenous satellite.

    The first step towards its establishment will be the appointment of board of 10 to 15 members, a chief executive officer who is an ex-official member, and a chairperson appointed by the Minister of Science and Technology.

    The board will advise the Minister on any matter relating to space affairs that may influence the functions of the agency; monitor the research priorities and programmes of the agency and after consultation with the Minister, establish or disestablish any of the body's organisational divisions.

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    Wow this looks like we may have more 'africans' in space apart from Mark Shuttleworth in my lifetime! (And i have a couple of centuries left )

    We're going to have our very own NASA...
    once there was a man. the end.

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    I think it is mainly so that we can launch our own satellites. Going for manned flights is quite a step up from that, and I'd guess we've got more pressing issues to attend to.

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