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Thread: Internet Solutions is tackling Telkom

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    Internet Solutions is tackling Telkom

    Although it might seem that IS is backing down in this story, they're actually finally tackling Telkom's rather questionable treatment of them.
    Dimension Data, trading as Internet Solutions, has withdrawn its application for interim relief in an anti-competitive complaint brought against Telkom, the Competition Tribunal said on Tuesday.

    "It has withdrawn its application on the basis that Telkom will only meet with Internet Solutions to discuss the resolution of its competition concerns if Internet Solutions withdraws its interim relief application," the Tribunal said in a statement.

    Internet Solutions lodged a complaint with the Competition Commission on December 5, 2008, submitting that Telkom was the holder of a public switched telecommunications services (PSTS) licence and currently enjoyed a de facto monopoly in the provision of PSTS services.

    Internet Solutions claimed that Telkom was guilty of anti-competitive behaviour as it had abused its dominance in the PSTS market through excessive pricing, margin squeezing, denial of access of essential facilities, exclusionary acts and price discrimination.

    It asked the Tribunal to order Telkom, with immediate effect, to charge Internet Solutions a wholesale price for telecommunications facilities to be used by Internet Solutions in providing Virtual Private Network services to its customers at rates that were no higher than the lowest retail prices for such connection charges to Telkom's VPN Supreme customers.
    full story from Business Report here
    I moved off IS server hosting a couple of years back because using tracert, I established that Telkom was chucking me into the overloaded IS pipe from the first exchange (Redhill) rather than piping over the far more responsive Telkomsa pipe to IS's front door - despite Telkomsa being my ISP and to my mind duty bound to steer me into the quickest pipe.

    I was told by hosting I'd had to live with it, so IS lost a client. Small fry in the grand scheme of things, but all those little bits add up.

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    Interesting to see this story. Thanks Dave.
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