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Thread: Sometimes it pays to be a little backward

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    Sometimes it pays to be a little backward

    The latest and greatest thing normally takes a bit of time before landing on South African shores. For once, maybe we can count our blessings.
    Sony's Blu-Ray and Toshiba's HD-DVD are both new storage mediums that are set to compete for your technological buck. Both are versatile mediums set to replace current DVD's as we know them.

    Both claim more storage, higher security, and various nifty features. Seems great for the consumer, right? Wrong.

    Might it be possible that both formats can coexist in the global market? Well, yes, but just imagine the impact on the video store around the corner, and it's suppliers. To keep stock of yet another format will be costly, and you, the consumer will swallow the impact.
    full tory from FIN24 here
    The writer likens this to the VHS vs Betamax contest of some twenty years ago.

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    This is actually quite an interesting thing and it will be an interesting outcome. There are some factors that make it a bit more complicated than the Beta vs. VHS saga. The biggest I would say is the number of potential devices. Beta & VHS were just video formats, while the new DVD technology is also for data with applications in gaming consoles and computers.

    Sony backs the BluRay, and Toshiba the HD-DVD. The Microsoft Xbox uses BluRay, and the PS3 uses HD-DVD.

    Two interesting stories in this whole saga. Firstly one about a patent that Warner Brothers have registered for having a triple standard (HD-DVD, BluRay and DVD). If it works out this may make the whole debate academic.

    The second has to do with the promotional techniques...turns out that free video discs are being given away with sales of Xbox's and PS3's.

    Only one thing matters to the user and that is, "Can I play this video/game/disc in my hardware?" Just have to wait an see what pans out
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