Hi Guys

Please take a look at http://www.crimetracer.co.za. Registration is free, but a valid South African ID number is required.

CrimeTracer allows any member of the public to, for example, query a vehicle registration number, South African identity number, or any criminal incident which has been reported using the system.

We allow all users of the CrimeTracer system to report and manage their own criminal incidents. Reporting a criminal incident on the CrimeTracer system facilitates communities to proactively work together within themselves or with the SAPS to eliminate criminal activity in their area.

Note: The system is currently in beta and many features are yet to come. Any feedback, both negative and postive will be appreciated.

For more information and general overview of the CrimeTracer system you can also visit: http://www.crimex.co.za/crime-tracer-system/.