The ANCYL is well known for having a different take on issues. How about this one:

ANCYL president Fikile Mbalula handed the memorandum to three officials of the National Credit Regulator and said the blacklisting of the youth was unfair to the students and unemployed of the country.

"We demand that credit institutions should grant amnesty in order to ease the process for the youth to have access to credit and loans," said Doctor Tshwale, a member of ANCYL's national executive.

The memorandum included the following demands:
  • That unemployed youths must not be blacklisted and that those currently blacklisted must be removed from the list.
  • People still furthering their skills-development studies must under no circumstances be blacklisted from registering with any institution.
  • Unemployed graduates should not be blacklisted before they get employed or start earning an income through self initiatives on business ventures.
  • Young entrepreneurs must be afforded capital on the basis of their business plans and that any debts owing not related to business ventures must not be used against them.
  • The credit regulator must educate the youth against the dangers of reckless credit lending and borrowing.
  • It must work out a plan in conjunction with the credit-granting institutions and the credit bureaux that would commit financial institutions in general to be biased towards development funding.
  • The regulator must provide information to the general public on the avenues they may take in the event of encountering credit difficulties, including being blacklisted unfairly.

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Some interesting points!