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Thread: sabs 10142-1 amdt 6

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    sabs 10142-1 amdt 6

    and so we see another lot of rules being changed again...i will just add it to the pile of amdts i have in file 13...what a waste of time and money...with the economy taking a dive...things are only getting worse...i arrived at a customer today to find the mechanical maintenance personal connecting the machines into the DB

    the upside to this is you can get away with leaving staff on site to do the entire job now and not even have to worry if they do a really bad job because whos gona know the wiser...and you can charge as if an electrician was on site and pay labourer rates and save myself lots of money.
    i was always tooo scared to do this because when i did courses they always try scare the living daylights out of you by telling you what will happen if you get caught...well 17 years in bussiness and i am yet to hear of one person being bought to justice for an electrical do as the africans do in africa start making some money

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    I know amendment 8 came out last year, but Does any one know if there's gonna be an update this year for sans 10142.1:2012

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