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Thread: Be our regional financial manager scam

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    Be our regional financial manager scam

    I'm sure we're going to see many variants of this scam in the future. The basic pattern is to offer you a part time job receiving and passing on payments. Here is an example:
    BMS, Bullet Motorsports Speedlab, was originally founded to turn "ordinary" BMWs into the fastest race cars possible. BMS race cars have won numerous national championships over the past four years and BMS continues to promote club racing through its driver development program. From their intimate knowledge of the inner workings of BMWs, and countless hours of track time testing products in a high-stress environment, BMS technicians are highly skilled in tuning BMWs and Minis for street applications. There are many misconceptions in the aftermarket tuning industry. Our job is to separate the truth from the hype, for the benefit of our customers. Of course, tuning by itself is insufficient without full knowledge of servicing not only BMW components, but also the full range of aftermarket equipment from superchargers to stereos. There is nothing on your BMW or Mini that BMS can't fix - or if you desire, improve.

    Today we have a chance to announce a vacancy of a Regional Financial Manager. This is a part-time job position; you will be required to be available 1-2 hours a day. The purpose of this position is to be a part of company internal operational cash flow and deal with the local customer payments in particular. You will specifically be responsible to:

    - Coordinate customer payments using your bank account
    - Monitor payment delivery thoroughly
    - Immediately notify when any payment arrives and inform company head office
    - Process customer payments via Western Union and Money Gram services to the company regional warehouses
    - Ensure each customer payment is dealt with in a quick, polite and efficient manner
    - Make records on each new coming customer payment into a database
    - Establish and maintain constructive working environment, so that to ensure high-speed payment delivery, provide the customers with the fastest possible service and attract extra

    This position reports to a supervisor or manager. You will be paid net 10% commission out of every customer payment you have to deal with, all the related expenses will be covered by the company.

    BMS - European nicest car design dealership - is looking for motivated, energetic, charismatic individuals to help grow its potential and customer base.
    No experience is necessary. We will train the right individual. We do however require a great attitude and a healthy work ethic. Good 'people' skills are essential. Apart from that, you must be at least 18 years of age; proficient in Microsoft PC, with excellent communicational, organizational and interpersonal skills and ability to maintain composure during stressful situations.

    With our track record of success, the diversity of work available and opportunities for promotion, travel and other benefits, BMS is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a job in a dynamic, rewarding and growing industry.

    If you’re ready to make a difference, and not just be “1 of a 100”, join us. We offer a career that affords great challenges and job satisfaction.

    If you show any interest in a position offered, please do not hesitate to visit our web-site for more information or fill in an on-line application form.

    (links to phising site removed)

    We are looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.

    Yours faithfully, Wendi Durham
    This is the real BMS site and it carries a warning that they are aware their site has been cloned and their name being used for criminal activities.

    Pretty slick, although anyone with any sense should realise no reputable business is going to have you using your own bank account to clear their payments received.

    The victim who falls for this can get scammed so many ways:
    • An unwitting conduit for deposits elicited by fraudulent means
    • Losing your own money as you pass on what might seem a genuine payment, but is in fact a fraudulent one as used in the fraudulent deposit scam
    • Being used for old fashioned money-laundering.

    One thing is for sure - sooner or later the victim is really going to need the "ability to maintain composure during stressful situations." You'll either lose your own money or be the ultimate fall-guy.

    The absolute genius of this is it circumvents local FICA requirements and similar legislation elsewhere designed to stop crooks from running bank accounts from a safe distance.

    If Interpol and governments around the world don't have a top-notch cyber crime unit going yet, they'd better get moving. I can see this scam method and variations going a long way and catching a lot of people out.

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    Jees! is there nothing that will make these criminals stop? This really is a little more sophisticated than the average scam, and not as easy to spot. There's probable going be a quite few unwary folks caught by this one.

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