Hi all

I am reposting this here from the 'newbie' posts.

I have just discovered this site while searching for potential partners to launch a new MLM/Direct Sales company in SA. With this opportunity I am not looking merely for distributors to be the '1st one in SA' type of thing, I am actually looking for someone to join me as an investor in setting up the company.

This company is already a great success in US, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and many other markets. Now its SA's turn. The range of products is in Nutritional supplements/herbal remedies and cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals (opportunity for some good direct sales business).The company website is www.di2u.com.my. Browse this and have a look at the products on offer.

Returns for you will be derived from the normal network commissions (yes you still benefit from being the 1st in SA 'kinda thing' and you still build a network). Then for your investment in setting up & running the office, there is a generous guaranteed markup (your normal trade margin) and a thruput % calculated on turnover for SA. Further income is limited only by your imagination of how you can monetize the distributor lists at your disposal (I have signed for trademark rights in SA). There is on offer further commissions for opening up the neighbouring countries.

The company has products of exceptional quality and efficacy (its key comp advantage) and offers an exceeding wide range of products to select from for distribution in SA. The products will definitely blow your mind once you see how great they are and the great variety available.

I am looking for someone with the zeal and flair to take on the SA market, raise the required capital and build our legacy.

If you feel you have what it takes and are looking for a BIGGER challenge please post a reply and lets get in touch.

The website run by the US distributor is - www.proyounginternational.com.

Seize the Opportunity. Lady luck knocks only once.