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Thread: Questions for Blade Nzimande

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    Questions for Blade Nzimande

    Comrade Blade Nzimande is not exactly what I would call a carefully considered speaker. After reading this article on M&G, I would love to hear Comrade Blade's answers to a few questions that arise from this section in particular:
    Nzimande said their* motto was "either we control the ANC or we destroy it".

    He said this was not the attitude of a genuine cadre of the ANC in that leadership positions were earned, and were not an entitlement.

    Trying to stop the ANC to continue to govern, "because we've got the best policies, is a serious act of counter-revolution".

    He said the dissidents wanted to control the ANC for "the resources".

    Some of them had entered the ANC "as poor as church mice" and now they were millionaires.

    They wanted to "demobilise" the ANC to become only an "electoral machine” and would be "a narrow party to serve the interests of a small coterie of elite".

    *referring to the ANC dissidents
    So, Comrade Blade -

    Q: You are South African Communist Party general secretary. Why are you also a member of the ANC?

    Q: Are you suggesting that supporting the ANC is more important than supporting the best policies?

    Q: Can we expect you to decline the "resources" that may come your way as a result of your involvement with the ANC?

    Q: So the ANC is a narrow party serving the interests of a small coterie of elite. Fair enough, but that elite has changed, hasn't it. Sow how are you going to make it more open to interests outside of that elite?

    Because right now it seems you and your clique are more intent on closing doors than opening them.

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    It's 40/60% making 75/25% turn into 45/55%

    Lets not get all teary eyed here!

    'Shikota' and the other dissidents are mostly ex Mbeki-ites who in the flush of victory by the Zuma-ites, after Polokwane, were ignored in the promise of patronage (perhaps there was not enough to go around and after the economic woes of the world there probably is even less)

    Dont forget these guys achieved 40% of the Polokwane Summit vote (Which they still maintain was gerrymandered pre Polokwane)

    So if they achieve a 40% split of the ANC vote in the next elections, they are sitting in the 'cat bird seat'

    The ANC are 75% plus of the electorate so 40% of that equates to 30% of the votes expected, they need only 26%, maybe they will achieve more.

    But don't hold your breath thinking they will throw their hat in with the rest of the 'Democrats' raising their 25% to 51/55%
    These guys are died in the wool ANC.

    After the dust of the elections settles they will dictate to the ANC exactly what it is that they want, holding the threat of going the other way, leaving the ANC as the 'Official Opposition', above the NEC's head.

    Then or there abouts you will see the ANC NEC suddenly realise that JZ is perhaps not the man for the presidency and that he, Blade, Gwede, Jeremy and the other SACP members along with Vavi, Malema and others suddenly have a need to resign from the ANC due to undue influence beyond their proportional representation.

    There will be a lot of singing and dancing welcoming the 'Old Warrior Heroes' home and then everything will go back to "SAME OLD, SAME OLD"

    Should they achieve less than the magical 26% needed they will quite hapily sit in the opposition benches putting spokes in the ANC wheels at every oportunity.

    Politics, She is a dirty game, it's all about "Power and Priveledge" and anyway Shilowa will make a good president.

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