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Thread: The Name of the Game

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    The Name of the Game

    Any person considering the political arena surely needs to give much thought to the name of their potential party. I would call mine PIP. It just lends itself to so many possibilities.

    Politics for Intelligent People
    Politics for Indigenous People
    Politics for Incarcerated People
    Politics In Pretoria, Potchefstroom or even In Port Elizabeth

    I would certainly try to involve all the people of the wards thus truly giving substance to democracy and participation –People In Politics, Pride In Politics, People in Politics , a nice rhythm wouldn’t you say? We could march to that quite comfortably.

    I would also clamp down on crime and seek out the advice of professionals. Policing In Politics and Professionals In Politics. Plus….. now that I think about it, Politics In Practice could be nice. The name would suggest progress and action, wouldn’t it? I would need to be particularly careful to ensure that no purposeless, nor profuse petty politics prevail, as that would not be pretty.

    I would encourage and promote sport as a great unifier (Both Ping Pong and the Pofadder Polka would qualify ) and that would be Politics In Play. We could use the same phrase for the arts (or artisans for that matter) – thus we could call the party Politics In Paint or Politics In Pewter.

    In conclusion PIP would have the potential to be the Party Inviting Participation and we could become really progressive, with our main slogan being Politicians Inviting Productivity.

    See, there sits our challenge – we need to get the name of the game right to begin with. Plus, PIP simply invites images of growth and expansion. So wouldn’t it be just peachy if we could PIP them all to the post and decrease the PPI, increase profits and eliminate poverty?


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    Nice one Debbie, but..

    It seems the imminent formation by People already In Politics of the breakaway Party for Indigent Politicians who are funded by soliciting Payments for Illicit Practices might pip you to the post.
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    Thanks Debbie really enjoyed your post!
    I would especially vote for Professionals in Politics.

    Strangely enough just this morning I was talking to my husband about the need for a new party and we were joking about names!

    Deprived Party - was the D.P. - deprived of any ability to have any influence on our politics! etc.

    Thinking about PIP -
    Party in Perpetuity - Ouch!


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