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Thread: Trading questions

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    Trading questions

    Good day.

    Trying to put together a investment proposal to try and get capital together for a start up company. Now me being a little lacking on business knowledge am laying this at your feet for help. " If you can't find it, ask someone smarter "

    1: Import and export taxes and tarrif charges. Anyone know or a place were I can find their set rates?
    2: Import products that would be banned or not released.?
    3: What I should find out about involving South Africa Trade Union?
    4: Anything else that might be helpful to know.

    As a after thought.

    5: Anyone know once all info is gathered and I have a very well thought out and proposed investment plan. Does anyone have a recommendation of best place to lay proposals? I found 2 companys that look for investment options for you, but would like more options.

    Thanks you, Smart people.
    I am off to soak my brain ( To much thinking for me )

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    The DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) have a whole department dedicated to helping you start up import/export business.
    Unfortunately I dont have and address for you.

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    Here is a link to the DTI website.

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