We were using a Linux file server for the past 5 years. Had nearly no downtime at all - and everything was running smoothly.

Unfortunately, management decided to install a Timesheet entry program. During the meetings to deside on which program it was noted that it HAS TO RUN ON THE LINUX SERVER!!!!
Now after 4 months of trying to implement it on the server, the Software company tells us: we need to use a SQL server backbone (they had a flat file system previously). So dusted off an old 2000 server to install MS SQL Express on, this was then just used for the DB - the Linux still handled the network & was the main file server. It seemed to work fine for 50% of the 60+ users.

Then a month ago, they said: we need to have an Active Directory domain server with MS SQL backbone for this little app.

Wondefull! So we installed a 2008 Server and started the domain logins on the 60+ clients. This took nearly a month to get all the bugs sorted out, move user settings, documents and emails to the new user names. Now we've still got some issues with one of our Printer's RIP servers not talking to the 2008 server (even though it's running a Winows OS and was working perfectly with the Linux server previously). But the major issue we have is that 3 times out of 10 you can't log in - you have to wait 5 min and try again, as well as shares are randomly linked or not. What gives?