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Thread: Cancelling Cell Phone Contracts

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    Cancelling Cell Phone Contracts

    My daughter moved to the US in November last year, her cell phone contract only ended in April - with three months notification required.
    She cancelled - hand delivered letter - prior to her leaving! but as she is not as "negative" as I am - did not make out two letters and insisiting on one being stamped as proof that she was cancelling the contract.

    Now months and months later, still having her bank account debited.
    My husband has her power of attorney, but they refuse to accept his cancellation, nor a fax or e-mail from my daughter herself.

    Only an original letter of cancellation signed by our daughter.

    Posted - gone astray according to the cell phone company.

    Now my husband has had to bring back an original and hand deliver it to the cell company.

    This is nothing short of legal robbery! other than closing her bank account there is nothing else she can do!

    So be warned, everyone! always have proof! and always prepare three months in advance to cancel a cell phone contract! retain evidence.


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    Debit orders a one way trip

    It would seem that there is almost a conspiracy to make debit orders as difficult as possible to back out of.

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