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Thread: Customisation of Tally accounting software

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    Customisation of Tally accounting software

    Dear Members,

    We offer solutions on implementing and customising Tally anywhere in India and abroad at very reasonable prices. We have

    customers in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, UAE, Bahrain, Sharjah, Dubai, SriLanka, Kenya and of course, India.

    We can customise most aspects of the Tally accounting package using TDL programming. Some possibilities are:

    1. Customisation of Tally Voucher Printing as per pre-printed stationery
    2. Addition of new fields in Tally voucher entry, as reqd.
    3. Addition of new fields in Tally ledger masters or stock masters,. as reqd.
    4. Developing of new Reports in Tally
    5. Voucher Type Security in Tally
    6. Cheque no. search in Tally Bank Reconciliation
    7. Integration / Linking of Tally with any other software like Excel, SQL Server, Access, Oracle.
    8. Group Ledger Level security in Tally
    9. Godown level security in Tally
    10. Customisation of Job Costing features of Tally
    11. Revision of Standard Rates for a large no. of items based on a %.
    12. Automatic Bank reconciliation using the Bank's statement in Excel.
    13. Simple PriceList (Jump to a particular item in PriceList)
    14. Customisation of Budgeting features in Tally
    15. Customisation of Payroll features of Tally
    16. Uploading Share Market Contract Notes from Excel to Tally
    17. Uploading Distributor's PriceList from Excel to Tally

    etc etc.

    There are many other possibilities. In addition, we also undertake the following:

    1. Splitting of huge company data
    2. Migration of company data from one Tally version to another
    3. Synchronization
    4. Consultancy on how to get the best out of Tally.
    5. Sales of Tally 9 Single User and Multi-User at attractive discounts
    6. Supply of Tally Manpower.

    Let me know if you or your clients are interested in any of the above.

    You can mail your requirements at: with your contact details, so that we can get in touch with you.

    We are interested in having Tie-ups with CAs, dealers and other people with good business network.

    If you are looking for a contract TDL programmer, just drop me a mail.

    Thanks & Regards.

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    I've got to be honest - never seen it here in South Africa. But looking at the official Tally Accounting website, I see it can handle VAT.

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