Ok, I didn't know exactly where to put this as I haven't seen a specific section for pure legal stuff.

I want to make people aware that right now there have been some problems with the way that the rental housing tribunal has been dishing out advise.

Now don't get me wrong, we have dealt with them and often they are good at solving problems, but there are two instances where some major issues are arising.

I would write the whole thing here, but it would require an essay and a half.

To cut a long story short, people who rent out properties can lose their properties because of tenant none payment, or go through a lengthy legal procedure (which could be cut short but then it is extremely costly), because of two big issues, one a simple definition and another one is the wrong advise that the tribunal is giving that is not even written anywhere in the law that they can prove it.

So, in light of this (and a long story behind it) we have created a petition to change some stuff that right now is not "just and equitable" which is a requirement in the rental housing act.

If you care about stuff like this (which you should because one day you might own a property that you need to rent even temporarily), please read the petition, comment on it sign it, but above all........

send it to as many people as you can, because otherwise if this doesn't change, you better save a lot of money in case you ever land up in a court case.