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Thread: Maintenance is not being done.

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    Maintenance is not being done.

    This story confirms what many of us have suspected, I'm sure. Whilst there is a budget for new projects, nothing is being done to maintain existing infrastructure.
    Electricity authorities on Monday called for action to deal with a R25-billion maintenance backlog that could further stifle economic growth.

    "On the basis of an analysis that was recently conducted, the current electrical infrastructure maintenance and refurbishment backlog is estimated to cost R25,7-billion," Amos Masondo, chairperson of the South African Local Government Association, told an electricity distribution maintenance summit in Johannesburg.

    "Restoring the integrity of distribution networks throughout South Africa to an acceptable level seems to be a mammoth task," he added.

    Minerals and Energy Minister Buyelwa Sonjica told delegates the government invested R1,8-billion annually into new electricity distribution infrastructure, but little money was injected into maintenance.
    full story from M&G here

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    the exsisting electrical infrastructure was so well built that it has lasted this long.

    i am finding that building which are occupied by bee companies do not understand that there is a thing call maintenance they run the buildings into the ground then move out...when someone else takes over we sit with a huge backlog of maintence schedules...a/c which need attention the electrical installation normally on the brink of collapse etc...etc...well i suppose we are now becoming a real 3 rd world country...just like the rest of africa.

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