Members of the South African National Defence Force Union (Sandu) on Friday called for Defence Minister Mosiuoa Lekota to step down.

Sandu secretary general Pikkie Greef said soldiers marched from the Pretoria City Hall to the Union Buildings at about 10am to hand over a memorandum of their grievances.

They were demanding a 19% salary increment and the dismissal of Lekota and Secretary of Defence January Masilela.
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Good grief! Let's get a little discipline going there, lads. I trust they will all be going up on orders.

And how about this one:
Trade Union Solidarity on Friday said 100 of its members were trapped 900m underground at Gold Fields' Beatrix mine outside of Welkom in the Free State as 1 200 other mineworkers embarked on an illegal strike at the mine.

Solidarity said the 100 mineworkers had been trapped underground against their will for more than 24 hours.

Solidarity said it would hold management responsible should anything happen to its members.

Solidarity members were not part of the strike, which was reportedly called by another union.
full story from M&G here
Am I the only one questioning the sanity of this? It's an illegal strike. Lay the blame where it belongs.