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Thread: Government assistance for those in dire need

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    Government assistance for those in dire need

    This looks worth passing around.
    Government has set aside millions of rands to assist the poor cope with harsh economic conditions, the department of social development said on Monday.

    "The Minister of Social Development, Dr Zola Skweyiya, announced the allocation of R124-million to the SA Social Security Agency and to provincial departments of Social Development, to provide relief to households or individuals facing hardship," the department said in a statement.

    The Social Relief of Distress allocation, intended to assist those in dire material need, was a temporary relief lasting for three to six months.

    People who are either medically unfit or whose social grants applications were still being considered, would be amongst the first to benefit.

    Beneficiaries, who would receive assistance in the form of either food parcels or vouchers, would be assessed by social workers prior to receiving any aid.

    Skweyiya appealed to churches and community-based organisations to help the department in creating awareness around the relief.
    full story from IOL here

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    I admire any efforts to help those in need. I don't think we always appreciate the fact that we can grab some food out of a cupboard. I came across this site a while back, but I'm not quite sure if its for real or not.

    Innovation: Nutrition packs provide a meal for just R1,50

    If anybody has some more information on this, please post it here. The whole idea seems like a real life saver!

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