Adding text information.

When you register as a member you are only required to enter some basic information. Once you have completed the registration process, it is a good idea to pay some attention to your user profile information.

If you are trying to get business through social networking, we need to know where you might be able to help. You user profile information lets us know more about you and your business.

When you click on the User CP link this will take you to an area where you can add and edit all kinds of information. Signatures are discussed here, but lets look at what else you can do.

First, edit your details. The top area is shown on the right, but lower down there are other useful details you can add.
Information that you capture here will be shown on your profile page when another member visits.

Here on the right is an example of what a visiting member will see.

Adding some images.

It is said an image is worth a thousand words. Realistically, we all like dealing with people, and it is time to put on a human face.

Once you have updated the text information, why not set up your avatar and profile picture as well. You will see the links to editing these settings in the User CP menu too. Essentially, this will involve uploading a picture from your computer, or from elsewhere on the web.

Your avatar is your public face on the forum and will be seen in the information above each post you make. Profile pictures are generally used in member only areas such as your profile page.

For the more adventurous.

If you really feel brave, you can also customise your profile. This will set the colour scheme of your profile page to your own design rather than the default colour scheme. However, I'd only recommend this to people who have some experience in customising the colour schemes of websites or blogs.


Spending a little time on your profile information essentially "builds your brand" as a member of the site and is a form of passive advertising. It is an easy way for even the bashful to gently move from stranger to acquaintance and beyond.

If you have any questions or suggestions on user profiles, please do not hesitate to hit the post reply button below