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Thread: How does this forum help create a better SA?

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    How does this forum help create a better SA?

    How do you think that this forum helps to create a better South Africa?

    I believe that the greatest way this forum contributes is by connecting people - and that is important on a lot of levels.

    Firstly, it facilitates the transfer of skills and knowledge. For the last two years I've been learning from a bunch of people all over the country, that I probably would never have met if it was not for this forum. Now my knowledge and skill is supplemented by all of you. I know where to turn when I am in need.

    By engaging with each other we come to understand the challenges and successes that we each face. That gives us more insight into our country. Realising that there are many other people facing the same challenges and yet succeeding inspires us to push through the dips and enjoy the peaks more.

    This forum gives us the chance to air our frustrations and have others help us to put those into perspective. As long as we are looking to move forward we will be making sure that any energy is channelled in a way that is positive and not negative.

    We also gain a voice as a community. Now we have the opportunity to speak as one (if we choose) to improve not only our personal situation, but also that of all the other business owners around the country. People who have not even heard of this forum can benefit from the action that we take on our (and their behalf).

    So those are just some of the ways that I can think of, what are your thoughts?
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    From my point of view it is a civilised - yay! yay! yay! (thanks Dave) forum where we are able to come into contact with many varied points of view. It is one of the only ones that I am aware of that has not degenerated into mudslinging and racist fixation.

    I personally would love to see a larger number of people posting and especially from different cultures! For example the Sharks! (no just kidding) I really like knowing how different age groups, varied income levels, other countries citizens, our own citizens from different "provinces" etc experience this country as it is so easy to be totally wrapped up in your own woes that you do not see the wood for the trees.


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