There seems to be a lot of legal action on the go around intellectual property on the web.

It definitely looks like traditional business is struggling to get the concept. But some are catching on fast!
Chico and millions of others who upload amateur videos to the growing number of user-generated content sites such as YouTube have sent shockwaves through big media companies -- and executives are sitting up and paying attention.

It's not just for the size of the audience; there's the increasingly contentious issue of content ownership and control.
At recent industry fest IBC in Amsterdam, Robert Amlung, head of technology at German broadcaster ZDF, said its programme to encourage viewers to upload photos and videos to the ZDF website had proved a success, and was clear on rights. "We want to own the rights, so if someone puts images up on our site, they are giving their rights away," he said.

It seems viewers can have the fame; the broadcaster wants the money.

But it's not the same if the user feels like using some of the broadcaster's content -- even for no money. There are an uncountable number of TV clips (or entire TV shows) on sites like YouTube -- which have led to repeated legal threats.
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So they want the content for free from us, but we can't have their content for free?