Please forgive me in advance is this post is inappropriate or posted in the wrong location. My name is Scott and I am from Southern California US, I am part of a large network marketing team and we are looking for strong network marketers (MLM) to work with on a project involving a new opportunity heading to South Africa. We want to work with a few MLM professionals to take advantage of this opportunity before it really takes off. If you have a strong MLM background and are interested in discussing this more or you know of somebody who might be interested please send me an email to spier24 [at] gmail.com.

I will not be able to post any detailed information regarding this in an open forum. This information is not widely known, and we are striving to keep it this way while we build this new team. Again if this post inappropriate for this forum please excuse the offense and delete this. If this is not the correct location or there is a better place for me to post please let me know.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.