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Thread: Spot the April Fools Day stories

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    Spot the April Fools Day stories

    Oh boy! Nearly suckered (I hope).

    Sector blackouts for extreme load shedding?
    Rats eating the cables at Koeberg?
    In the latest blow to South Africans already reeling from scheduled load-shedding, entire cities will now be plunged into darkness as Eskom institutes even more extreme power cuts.

    The shock development, which will be known as sector-sharing, will see the country divided into four vertical zones, each spanning many thousands of square kilometres.

    Due to unprecedented power demand from consumers and unscheduled maintenance on a number of crucial generators, electricity supply in April is forecast to be so low that only three of these four zones will be switched on during peak demand times.

    Towns and cities in a switched-off zone can expect to be without electricity for a minimum of six hours at a time.

    Flanked by Minister of Public Enterprises Alec Erwin, a grim-faced Jacob Maroga, CEO of Eskom, told a press conference in Pretoria late on Monday that the utility had little choice but to implement the aggressive new power-saving scheme.

    Eskom's generator problems include damage to vital supply cables at Koeberg nuclear power station in the Western Cape. Said Maroga: "A plague of rats has moved in at Koeberg and gnawed the generator cables. Government has implemented an extermination policy, but it will take time before the rodents have been eliminated."
    full story from M&G here
    Anybody else got any April Fools Day stories to share?

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    Is this true?
    I got it in my email this morning.
    Forecast: By 2012, Printing Industry Consultants to Outnumber Commercial Printing Establishments

    Doublebill, OK — April 1, 2008 —If current trends continue, industry experts warn, the number of consultants is poised to overtake the number of commercial printers within five years. “Shops are closing and consolidating, while at the same time trade publications and associations are contracting, causing a simultaneous dearth of shops and glut of consultants,” says one industry insider. What this means, experts believe, is that commercial shops will be able to get “one-on-one” consulting services, fitting, since highly targeted, one-to-one marketing is exactly what consultants have been preaching for years.
    Consultants are panned in the US too!
    Only stress when you can change the outcome!

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