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Thread: New Anti-Telkom website launched

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    New Anti-Telkom website launched

    A new anti-Telkom website was launched on the 29th March 2008, saying that the company is “useless & incompetent” and that it is “only looking after shareholders and screwing customers.”
    The site is an expression of Michael Fletcher's (owner of the site) anger, despair and frustration at Telkom. This man has come out with guns blazing, firing at everyone.
    It will be interesting to see how long this site remains up.

    (If you're offended by bad language, I suggest that you don't migrate to the site.)
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    My family and pets know to stay far away from me when I'm on hold to your miserable f***ing support line....
    I think my staff can relate to that

    In fact, the bad news is lots of people can probably relate
    Their support line service really is that bad. You have this feeling of total helplessness and the frustration just builds.

    I feel sorry for the service call operators - they have to get it in the neck virtually every time because everybody has had to wait way longer than they should have to. And other than logging the fault, there's not much they can do to resolve the problem.

    The pleasures of being on the front line

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