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Thread: A big thank you.

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    A big thank you.

    I'm a slow starter, but will not take on a job if I'm not 100% confident of being able to complete it to my and the clients satisfaction.

    I recently did my first solar install.

    Popped back this morning for a quick visual check and re-checked all connections etc.

    The client does not have municipal power, so this system has made a huge difference to his life.

    Without mentioning individuals ( you know who you are ), I want to thank each and every one of you fine gentlemen for all the assistance and the way in which you all so unselfishly parted with your knowledge and answered all my silly questions. Without our discussions having taken place, I don't think I would have had the courage to take on this job.

    Of course, my confidence has been given a boost and I think I'm now ready for the next one.

    Once again, thanks a ton. Much appreciated. 👍👍

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    We can all be grateful to everyone who contributes to this platform, each and everyone who ads value no matter how big or small.

    I am sure I speak for all the regulars, we share because we want to improve the industry as a whole.
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