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    Exclamation check out this site

    Hi Guys& Girls

    It has loads of useful info on different topics

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    It's got an interesting theme - at least to me.

    This extract from the About page pretty much sums it up:
    This website is about Protocol and about those who practice it - in a very broad sense.

    In our introduction to The PR Practitioner's Guide to Protocol we pose the question: how well are we, the communicators dealing with change. How well do we the, so called "rainbow" nation cope together in the workplace and society? More especially, how do we react in the arena of events, functions and other formal social settings where we are expected to understand protocol and social etiquette?

    Whose protocol, you may ask? Whose culture?

    Exactly! we say. If we don't know each other, how are we going to get the protocol right?

    This is the reason behind this" Protocol in Practice” project. With so many cultures and traditions in South Africa jostling for some kind of moral high ground in our society, we often ask ourselves, well what is the right way to do this? And then we addt o this mix our growing popularity as an international tourism and conference destination. We 've got a lot of work to do.

    As it stands planning for 2010 Soccer World Cup seems to be the focal point of many of our endeavours. We are all striving to meet world class standards. This imperative has essentially guided our research, which tries to encompass protocol at three levels namely international, national and local.
    Ultimately, it seems to have a very Durban focus, but the principles behind the theme are of wider interest. It goes to the heart of our social identity.

    As a new site, it's a little light on hard content - but I expect that will improve as articles are added.
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