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Thread: "Joining all the Police forces together"

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    Cool "Joining all the Police forces together"

    I was listening to East Coast Radio this morning...Alan Khan was inviting comments of the latest development that the government is trying to pull apparently and this is : "Joining all the police forces together under one Commissioner for the entire country"
    Some of the the comments were very interesting and very diverse... has anyone seen anything in the news yet?

    anyway What do you think?

    Personally I think that it would create even a more solid base for the corruption that is wide spread in policing in general. Now not to be negative i also realize that this is possibly one of the reasons they are suggesting it in the first place and have some plan to stamp it out...
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    Sounds like standard shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic scenario for any corporation or government department with chiefs that don't know how to manage the underlings.

    Centralise and then Decentralise and then Centralise again just in case so that we are seen to be "doing something" about the problem/s. Usually it is unlikely to solve any of the problems envisaged by them.

    Centralisation is acknowledgement that the troups are out of hand and control has been lost. The results on the ground from the public point of view certainly show this to be the case. This could create a further divide as the local force blames a being much higher up on the hierachy than is currently the case for their own inaptitudes making the locals even more useless.

    The force will be as strong and dependable as its chief/s. If this move gives the teeth necessary to solve the problem and the chief has some incisors rather than molars then its going to be a better move.

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    A case of fiddling while Rome burns? Maybe.

    The general trend towards centralisation is a bit unnerving. There's even a discussion document floating around on reducing the number of provinces to 5.

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    This is a sinking ship, as Marq has suggested all i can say is at least they realise there is a problem and dont just keep denying it.
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