Looks like stage 6 is not a thing of the past, a good sign for the solar industry.

As we start moving away for load shedding solutions and more towards money saving solutions, I hope you have selected your system wisely.

Summer is here and so is stage 6 and many more infrastructure failures. You will notice a decline in stage 6, but an increase in after power up failures caused by "cable faults" and switch gear malfunction"", as the grid struggles with the massive load when the grid switches back on, not only the battery charging for inverters, now with all the aircons left switched on.

What is going to happen with the solar industry. if you are smart and not a fly by night selling kits out of an office with a laptop and internet, some fools are still buying into these scams, chances are you going to get even busier in 2024.

If you are watching the writing on the wall, it looks like we can expect some good news in 2024. The municipalities might start catching up, smart meters could start rolling out in early 2024, which is going to benefit the smart people who installed decent systems with panels on the roof.

It looks like the registration process could become and easy online application.

Maybe even better feedback tariffs

Lets hope an amnesty period that was mentioned, becomes a reality, so that unregistered systems can be added without huge financial implications.

2024 is going to be an interesting year for the solar industry.