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Thread: Is Internet marketing more than just SEO

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    Is Internet marketing more than just SEO

    Something that has always amazed me was the fact that so many training companies and Internet marketing companies mainly focus on providing SEO courses to people.

    Now I am by no means saying that these training courses are bad or of low quality, instead I am trying to make a point that Internet marketing strategies are related to each other in many ways.

    For the post I will divide Internet marketing in 3 main sections.

    · Acquisitions
    · Conversions
    · Retention

    These three sections are driven by the following Internet marketing techniques and they are often presented as separate forms of marketing whilst they are strategies that assist each other in being successful, some of these strategies are as follows.

    · SEO
    · Editorial Marketing
    · Viral Marketing
    · Social Media Marketing
    · Social Media Optimization
    · Affiliate Marketing
    · Banner Advertising

    Editorial marketing consist out of some of the following techniques
    · Email Marketing
    · Article marketing
    · Press releases and media relations
    · Community marketing (blogs and forums)

    Keeping in mind that there are much more to Internet marketing and that the above mentioned points are made purely for the argument or debate I would like to raise here, do you feel that these marketing strategies have a lot in common?

    For example, if I sent out a newsletter email, there is a possibility that it might result in some natural back links coming my site’s way. The publishing of articles, although in itself provide traffic can also result in SEO benefits where I can obtain natural back links or even obtain contextual back links from the article itself.

    Affiliate marketing where a query string is added to the url can result in hurting my site’s SEO, with the Search Engines viewing each link+query string as a duplicate page. The same rule applies to Banner advertising.

    With the above-mentioned example it seems that there is a lot of synergy between SEO and some of the marketing strategies mentioned. The same will go for relationships between Viral Marketing, editorial marketing and other techniques commonly used. They often affect the success of each other, by making it stronger or weaker.

    Am I taking it to far or is it logical to combine these different marketing techniques in one training session for the purpose of making Internet Marketing easy to understand and apply?
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    I think the SEO industry does not adequately point out that SEO is but a single part of what is needed for an internet site to achieve its objectives. Perhaps the same accusation can be levelled at web designers. In fact, how much time is spent discussing and clarifying the objectives of having a web site in the first place.

    I definitely see a place for a talk that puts the importance of all the different elements required for a successful website into perspective.
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    There is so much mystery about SEO / SMO etc. That people tend to have to incorporate them as internet marketing in some way or fashion as they know that feet means more efficiency that the marketing that has been done will have a higher chance of succeeding.

    As far as internet marketing is concerned. I believe that SEO is just a small factor of the grand picture of online "awareness" I say awareness because that is just what you are doing... becoming aware to others.

    Marketing /SEO tie together always... whether small or big. - Networking Forums SA partner site. Let's support each other for a better South Africa.

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