Yesterday's email to members announcing the release of the latest newsletter and asking for your opinion on logos certainly caused a surge in visitors to the site - both members and guests!

The guest surge probably wasn't a coincidence. Obviously quite a few members visit without logging in.

So a note to members who might be reading this as guests: You aren't getting access to all the features on this site unless you log in. Maybe the next time you log in, make sure you tick the "Remember me" box and you won't have to worry about it in future.

One suggestion received has been that we release newsletters and update emails more often. Part of this idea is to publish articles from members in the newsletter. All authors would be credited, of course. So if you have an article in you on some area where you are something of an expert, why not submit it for publication.

Finally, we are looking at distributing the newsletter by email in html format. vBulleting produces the plain text messages you receive, but won't send an html mass mail.

Html looks so much nicer, but we're going to have to make some new arrangements for distribution.