Being a fairly frequent flyer - and most often on SAA, I've watched the steady decline of SAA's onboard service with a sense of sadness.

This was once one of the best rated airlines in the world - in fact they won quite a few "best of" accolades over the years. But there's no doubt, there's been a pretty steady slide.

It's been the food mainly - and the smiles.

However, I am pleased to report that today's trip showed a marked improvement on my last one in the first week of February. Actually, I thought that last one was an all time low.

Check-in clerks that didn't seem to care
Stale food
And air attendants down to a steady slog.

Today - well I definitely think the staff cuts showed at the check-in counters, but the ones that were open were hustling through their work far better than a mere 3 weeks ago.
The food was quite edible. Fresh, and actually tasted like something other than recycled cardboard.
And the smiles - much better.

Maybe they've turned the corner.

Anyone else noticed?