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Thread: Today I am sad!

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    Today I am sad!

    Today I am sad, I am without hope and I sit here not knowing what to think.

    To the UFS students who made the news with their revolting behaviour
    To the parents holding a Helderberg school principal hostage
    To the boy that stabbed his peer at school this morning
    To the drug dealer that is knowingly ruining the lives of thousands of people to enrich yourself monetarily
    To the corrupt politicians and public officials who steal from us
    To the family who are abusing their elderly parents
    To the idiots breeding, selling and encouraging fighting dogs
    To the tikhead that kills little girls

    I am so very very sad for you, for me, for my children, for your victims for their families, for your family, for the animals, for the planet and for God. Today I am just really sad.


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    I echo your feelings Debbie! It is a sad time we are living in!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Debbiedle View Post
    To the UFS students who made the news with their revolting behaviour
    I just can't figure out what the heck that had to do with "integration." Or all the video footage of the broken windows and pathway lamps on the news this morning had to do with the story either.

    It all seems so senseless.

    I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster at the moment. Moments of sheer insanity mixed with moments of incredible hope.

    I was gutted when I read that UFS story yesterday. I ended up working through some (mostly very boring) documents for the sake of my own mental health. Far better than trying to make sense of this madness.

    However, I ended up going to bed going YES, the penny has dropped about the linkage between rights and responsibilities.

    And perhaps that is my best suggestion for now. Don't go to sleep until you've found something positive to take out of the day with you. If enough of us do it, maybe we can make a difference.

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