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Thread: Can we build a better way?

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    Can we build a better way?

    I recently watched an absolutely amazing and compelling video called "The Story of Stuff" I can guarantee you that it is worth investing 20 minutes of your time to watch the movie (you can also download it).

    I've even written a blog post, "Build a better way" based on some of the issues it raised for me.

    There are so many aspects of this: how we consume (which Colin, aka No Impact Man talks about a lot), how we design and create things, how we consume, how we waste and very importantly, how our economy is structured (which we've raised a little here before).

    There are also discussions of triple bottom lines (and counter arguments).

    The big question is this: what can and should our alternative economy look like if we significantly reduce consumption?

    Remember, the current economic model was created, and we have the opportunity to create a new one.
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    Certainly a very interesting way of viewing the economy. She has a very strong argument and I must say this is a video worth watching. How to change the current linear process however is to complicated for my mind. I will have to think hard about it.
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