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Thread: 3rd Undersea cable damaged

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    3rd Undersea cable damaged

    Reuters reported yesterday that a 3rd Undersea cable was damaged of the coast of Egypt. The first two cables account for as much as three-quarters of the international communications between Europe the Middle East and South Asia, so it is expected that the loss of the third cable will plunge large parts of the Middle East into darkness. All these cables were damaged in just 3 days! Raising some questions imo.

    Now the only 2 countries that were unaffected was Iraq and Israel. Apparently the damage was done by ships anchors... These cables are designed to carry communications between countries and all continents except Antarctica are connected by them. These cables can be damaged by anchors, undersea avalanches, earth quakes and even shark bites. But 3 cables in just a few days? Then blame a ship's anchor for the 3rd one, something is not right here...
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    I've got to say, when I read of the second cable going down, I was quietly wondering. Three now! Something's going on.

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    Overseas they have to deal with damaged cables, Here we have to deal with "not allowed cables". See this:

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