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    Ck documents

    Can anyone direct me as to how I can access the CK docs of a closed corporation which has been dormant for approximately 10 years now. I need to supply the traffic department the docs in order to change the proxy so that I can sell off one the vehicles still registered in the companies name. The proxy has since left the area, the accountant is no longer doing the books and I cannot seem to access the CIPC e filing system in order to retrieve them. Really frustrating that the traffic department wont accept enterprise details from Windeed or from CIPC, they particularly want the CK docs!

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    The CK documents before a certain year are not digitized and you need to put in a request for CIPC to locate the paper file. On the CIPC main page, click on CIPC Enquiries. It will take you to the CIPC Online Query Management system. Log your request, and you should get a response within their turn around times - it takes about 3-4 weeks. They will email you the copy of the original CK docs.

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