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Thread: Want to Learn Arduino or Rapberry Pi

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    Want to Learn Arduino or Rapberry Pi

    Found this fantastic site for people who want to start learning the new technology using either the Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
    The tutorials are concise and easy to understand while you have fun learning the new age technology.
    There are many fun projects, and most are for free. There are also some books you can purchase, or subscribe to paid tutorials if you wish to get more advanced.

    Take a look at Randomnerds. Scroll down to see many free projects with clear instructions and explanations. Look around the web page to see what tickles your fancy.

    All equipment is easily available at Mantech, simply place the part number or description of what you are looking for in the 'Product Search' window.
    They have branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.
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    That is a great site. Its good to see all the different controllers together in one place. I've had to put led lighting and ultrasonic sound cannons on the one side of my house to contend with the idiot neighbors and their constantly yapping mutt. I also added a sound detector connected to an Arduino board to trigger the ultrasonic cannons when the yapping starts. The lights and cannons are also on remote controls so I sometimes forget them on. The issue to deal with now is to get a signal to my phone showing that the lights and or cannons are active. The ESP8266 should be good to send this info to me.

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    I use a couple of ET remotes and receivers in this setup. The latest ET receivers are a right OVER ENGINEERED PAIN. Those receivers are a microntroller programmer's wet-dream and a user's nightmare. Lots of convoluted options and programming procedures. It seems that the ones that have FET outputs have a design flaw (they have a common negative terminal instead of a positive terminal as an output between the two FETS) and of course there are no schematics in the documentation on how to wire the FETs up. I also found that if you set channel 1 up as non-latching and hold the button in too long the thing tosses the receiver button ID and sets the button to the old style Rolling Code thing. Anyway - The new ET stuff SUCKS! The ET people sent me a little hand sketch to wire the FETS up with a ridiculous answer to me asking about the common negative between the FETS.
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