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Thread: My employer has missed ADP payroll twice

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    My employer has missed ADP payroll twice

    My employer has missed ADP payroll twice. Now my bank account is overdrawn. What it comes down to is that I haven’t been paid for work since August 15. What should I do? Should I halt all work activity? I haven’t been let go, and the company states that the ADP situation should be resolved this week. Can I hold them responsible for the overdrafts? What happens if this affects my credit because of a missed payment?

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    Hi candylady,

    This certainly doesn't sound good. Unfortunately it's also a bit short on information to express much of an opinion at this point, other than to offer my sympathy.

    Perhaps a few questions to clarify:
    Do you have an employment contract?
    How often are you supposed to be paid?
    How far behind is the company on payments due?

    Businesses have cycles. Is this a period where the company normally has a tight cashflow period that normally resolves later in the year?

    If the company is struggling (a possibility), does it look like they are taking corrective measures that will bring it back to a healthy financial position?

    The employer/employee relationship can be so complex and varied at times. As a business owner myself - I know I'd prefer to sit down with an employee and be honest about their prospects with the company - but not all business owners feel that way. They feel obliged to be the hero.

    Try to open communication with the business owners/management. Look for signs that your loyalty in hard times might be worth the "investment." If they aren't there, you might be well advised to look around for options.

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