This man was arrested in December 2002. It is now January 2008.
Treason trial accused Kobus Pretorius was a danger to society and would commit further acts of violence if released on bail, the chief investigating officer told the Pretoria High Court on Wednesday.

Pretorius this week, for the first time since his arrest in December 2002, applied for bail.
The exact status of his trial seems unclear from the story, but there is no evidence to suggest it is under way yet. This despite the fact that the State seems confident of its case.
Investigating officer Superintendent Tollie Vreugdenburg... said the state had a strong prima facie case against the accused on all 42 charges, including high treason, terrorism, murder and attempted murder.

There was evidence linking Pretorius to a coup plot and to several bombings while he was on the run from police for three months.

He was also linked through fingerprint evidence to a detonator found at the scene of the Soweto bombing.
Perhaps the delays are on the defence side
Pretorius, however, refused to answer any questions about the evidence presented against him in the treason trial, saying he and his legal representative were still consulting about his defence.
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But surely there comes a point when a trial date must be pressed for. This man has been a guest of the State for 5 years now!