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Thread: Accounting Software Suggestions

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    Accounting Software Suggestions

    Good Morning

    I wonder if there is perhaps a solution out there for our requirements please, if anyone possibly has any suggestions? If possible, I would like an additional system which can integrate with pastel however will consider alternatives to replace Pastel to meet these requirements. Most applications found are not compatible in SA

    We are currently using PastelXpressV19

    * Upload supplier invoices as PDF's (or email the PDF's to a specified address) for OCR and automatic capture of supplier invoices
    * Bank Feeds or bank statement upload with field mapping. (Pastel bank manager and feeds not working correctly and keeps giving an error)
    * Ability to capture receipts to create expense reports (which users can be given access to on their mobiles)
    * Ability to attach invoices to Payments ( proof of payments ) for each relevant EFT.
    * Payment directly to supplier - with remittances

    any advice would be appreciated

    thank you

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    Sounds like Xero might be a good option for you with one or two market place add-ons based on your requirements.

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    Hi Ultramel

    If you bank manager is not setup correctly or you keep getting errors, this can be addressed and resolved - no need to get external software.
    You have Xpress V19, so if you setup a Netcash account and sign up for the supplier payments option, you can use the payments assistant to select which supplier invoices you wish to pay, and create a ACB batch, which is loaded onto their banking platform, ready for release. Sage Capture allows you to setup expense templates for mobile users, like your sales reps. They can take a photo of the slip and then select whether it is travel / entertainment / whatever, depending on their access rights. You receive that entry in Pastel, and if approved, the transaction is created.

    I would investigate your existing options / software first, and then determine if there is a need to move off the Pastel range, or get third party app's.

    You are welcome to PM me for further details on the Sage Suites.
    Kevin Smith
    Sage Pastel Support Consultant
    KS Consulting

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