My home alarm system has gone from a simple IDS 800 to a texecom ...and now busy installing an IDS X 64 at home ... with all the bells and whistles and I mean ALL of them ...

wireless Xwave ...

I/O modules ...

Programmable outputs for gate/garage door operation and left open features ... and if someone attempts to open the gates without the remote.

security lighting and cameras linked to zones ... with pre and post recording sent to all the users if a zone is violated.

securty lights around the building pulsing on/off if a silent panic is activated.

Live camera viewing within the alarm app.

There were a few options I considered ... paradox (has a pretty interface) .. Risco or the upgrading the Texecom ... but instead went with the IDS option ( manufactured and supported in SA) ... I plan to do training on othe rbrands in the future

What I thought would take a couple hours of basic and advanced training has turned into a couple of years of training ( alarms are one of many services my busisnes offers I dont do it everyday)... installations ...fault finding reports and many calls to the technical help desk has helped me aquire the knowledge aquired to date.

Fortunately the technical support team does a great job .. I canno fault them ... I know some of my question do get a little technical which requires feedback ... but the majority of the time they have a solution.

A few hours of basic and advanced training will prepare you to install and program a simple 8 channel system ... however when you go a little more advanced like an X64 and start utilising all the features ... it gets a little more challenging.