I just want to check a client was listed on a credit bureau as been dismissed. The client informed the loan company that she was not dismissed and sent proof from her employee that her notice showed resignation. It has been a year plus now and the client has not been able to find work. We checked her profile and picked up the dismissed status her bureau profile. We informed her of this and that this could be the reason that she has not been able to find employment. Is this not against the NCR conditions we helped her rectify the status and she has all the proof that she notified the loan company that she was not dismissed. Does she have recourse against the bureau and the loan company that listed her incorrectly she has suffered financially and emotionally. Also with the POPI ACT in place is it good "business practice" for a financial institution to "sell" there bad debt book to a third party (remember they are selling all the clients personal detail?) and the the third party collection agency collect on the financial institutions behalf without the client been informed that there personal information is been "handed" over?

Anyone have an opinion or input?


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