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Thread: 16 amp plug top rated for 3 amps

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    16 amp plug top rated for 3 amps

    Thats a first ... While busy connecting a transformer ... I noticed a label on the plug top ... it states ... "3 amp rating"

    Now i know while plugs tops are catching on fire when used for tumble ... kettles ... toasters ... aircons.

    I was under the impression that a 16 amp plug top is rated to 16 amps ... when purchasing plug tops ...i have noticed the wholesaler has tried to supply hollow plug brass coated plug tops

    It is becoming more and more to buy electrical equipment ... from hollow plug tops to tinned copper wiring (now i check the wire with a lighter ... if it glows red ... its generally ok) ... to hard plastic coated surfix and twin+E.
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    I have noted this as well. Even the double adapters and the like, are really made with the least amount of material and still expensive.
    I wonder who the engineers are to design this crappy stuff, definitely have no idea of electrical safety.

    With winter here and people using these crappy double adapters to supply their heaters, how many melted plugs are there going to be?

    Oh yes we don't have to worry, because there will be lots of load shedding/reduction, and most people can not afford the electricity so it will be fine
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    I agree it's, crazy, a plug in the 16A form factor should be able to handle 16A minimum. People buying the stock for shops should have some idea of what they are buying but it seems like price is the only factor that means anything nowadays.

    It's no good having all our electrical standards but the equipment sold to the public is unregulated and downright dangerous.

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