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Thread: Problems importing csv into cashbook

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    Wink Problems importing csv into cashbook

    Hi, I would like some help on how to solve problems experienced when trying to load a csv file into the cashbook.

    I only bought Pastel Express recently and have a backlog of bank transactions which I want to import into the cashbook.
    I have already gone to the trouble of populating the account codes of each of the transactions before deciding to purchase Pastel.

    We are talking about 500 lines.

    I only have the most recent ofx downloads and loading them to the cashbook works just fine.

    I have exported a sample payments batch to get the correct format of the bank csv document

    I copied all the transactions into this file.

    When I try to import it , it is rejected with message:

    Line 1 Date must be in format DD/MM/YYYY
    Line 1 Invalid date

    My dates are in the format DD/MM/YYYY

    I have tried copying the format of the date on the exported csv batch file but it makes no difference.

    My transactions look like this: ( The 03/01 refers to March/first transaction)

    3 1/3/19 G 1000000 03/1 Fee Account for Services Rendered -70942.96 15 -9253.43 8400000 1 1 0 0 0 -70,943


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    Hi Paul,

    In your sample line, the date reads 1/3/19 whereas it should read as 01/03/2019 to conform with the DD/MM/YYYY format.

    Also, the amount at the end of the line should not have the comma symbol, i.e. it should read as -70942.96 and not as -70,943
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