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Thread: Nedbank Overdraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blurock View Post
    Applies to most credit cards. If you pay off the full balance after month end or within your allocated payment window, you do not pay any interest. Just be aware of the fees charged!
    I wanted a credit card for the bussiness ... to reduce eft charges when purchasing equipment for site ... I dont have to pay the full amount of my personal credit card every month ...just the interest and fees ...however if i recall when i applied for a "bussiness" credit card ... i was told the full amount of the outstanding balance of the credit card would be deducted from my cheque account every month ... i decided to rather just carry on using my person credit card.
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    I got rid of all the credit cards, overdrafts, car payments and accounts at shops. We now live on the skin of our butts... (The stuff just snowballs too quickly) I had my fair share of pulling my hair out due to my own indebtedness - never again - I will rather eat 2 Minute Noodles every day than go down that road again.

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