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    I liked this, maybe because it is in line with my own thinking? Comments and input will be great as I sometimes think I am too optimistic and other times too cynical. Would be good to know what a solid cross section of people think.


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    I've got to agree that the thinking is along the same lines as mine. What strikes me most is the overall thinking about the impact of community, quality of life (rather than quantity of stuff), and the value of time.

    In a world trying to grab out attention (and this time) from all angles, this quote stands out,

    ...handmade gift shows the greatest investment of all: time.
    I also liked the quote below, although I'm deeply suspicious as to whether people will change. What is good to see is that there is a slow change in the message being spread about what is considered "okay".

    But increasingly, thinking people are starting to talk about a middle ground, seeking practical ways to do better, rather than do it all. A middle ground somewhere between self righteous self denial and outright hedonism. Moderation will be hot next year, and it will make itself felt in every industry – from “better for you” fast food choices to golf estates with inclusionary housing.
    We'll have to just see what the year delivers, and how we can make the most of our current economic situation.
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    The article certainly is great food for thought in tailoring strategic position and marketing in such a way as to massage the consumer's battered ego at times like these.

    I'm inclined to agree with the what will happen. I have a slightly different view on some of the why.

    In an economic squeeze:
    The rich remain rich. The poor remain poor. It's the middle class that suffers.

    I expect an implosion of sorts and all the predictable consequences of that, but driven by the financial constraints of an over-indebted consumer and tighter economy more than a newfound moral sense of moderation.

    However, a moral sense of moderation does sound a lot better than "I'm broke" - and marketing is about putting the best spin on things. A lot of newly middle class folk are going to be dealing with an economic contraction for the first time. In '97/8 we took comfort in the fact that we were far from alone. In this image conscious society of SA 2008, I'm sure a moral sense of moderation will be a far more palatable reason for the missing Humma in the driveway.

    The proof of driver will be if our government ministers cut back on their jet set ways. Somehow, I don't think so.

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